• Thatch: a guide to the repair of thatched roofs

The Advice Series is a series of illustrated booklets published by the
Architectural Heritage Advisory Unit of the Department of the
Environment, Heritage and Local Government. The booklets are
designed to guide those responsible for historic buildings on how
best to repair and maintain their properties.

 It is intended that this guide will help owners to look at their thatched roof in a new light with greater understanding of the extraordinary heritage, skill and craftsmanship of many generations which it embodies. It is also intended to equip them with the necessary information:

— To understand how a vernacular roof is constructed and to recognise how the different elements of the roof function

— To be aware of the particular traditional materials and thatching techniques used in their area

— To address issues which may arise as to the general maintenance of the thatched roof in order to prolong the life of the roof

— To broadly assess the condition of the roof and decide what repairs are necessary or when rethatching has become necessary

— To know where to look for necessary information and expertise

— To know what questions to ask the thatcher to ensure that the work is planned and carried out satisfactorily

It is also hoped that this guide will be of interest to general readers, including local historians, teachers and those involved in promoting the understanding of the conservation of this important aspect of the built heritage.

Author Series Editor: Jacqui Donnelly
Publication Data 2015
Subjects Building Conservation

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Thatch: a guide to the repair of thatched roofs

  • ISBN: 978-4064-2836-0
  • Author(s): Series Editor: Jacqui Donnelly
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