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Over the next few years History Ireland intends to produce a series of authoritative annual publications (in addition to the bi-monthly magazine) on the theme of commemoration. The first in the series will be:

1916: Dream & death

Featuring Joost Augusteijn, Joseph Connell, Joe Duffy, Roy Foster, John Gibney, Bartle Faulkner, Lar Joye, Darren Kelly, Joe Lee, Mary McAuliffe, Lucy McDiarmid, Derek Molyneaux, Brian P. Murphy, Maurice Walsh and Padraig Yeates. 


Setting the Scene

What might have been—John Gibney

A brief history of a rebellion—Joseph E.A. Connell Jr


Patrick Pearse: thoroughly modern man of Europe—Joost Augusteijn 

Shoot or salute? James Connolly and the dilemma of the colonised—Emmet O’Connor

Allies or auxiliaries?—Mary McAuliffe

Crown Forces

Slaughter at Mount Street—Derek Molyneux and Darren Kelly

Simply doing their duty—Bartle Faulkner

Armoured trucks and the 1916 Rising—Lar Joye

British army artillery in 1916—Lar Joye

Rifles in 1916—Lar Joye

The Helga II—Lar Joye

England’s difficulty is Germany’s opportunity—Lar Joye


Non-combatant women—Lucy McDiarmid

Looters, deserters and ‘ordinary decent criminals’ in 1916—Padraig Yeates

Innocents lost and forgotten—Joe Duffy


Empire’s difficulty was everyone’s opportunity—Maurice Walsh 

Yeats changed only slowly—Roy Foster

Limerick’s rebel prelate—Brian P. Murphy, OSM

Don’t let facts ruin a good argument—Joe Lee

Heroic sacrifice or criminal behaviour?—Compiled and edited by Joe Culley

Rewriting the Rising—John Gibney

Author Joseph Culley, Tommy Graham and Nick Maxwell (editors)
Publisher History Publications Ltd
Publication Data To be published 15 Feb 2016 96 pages Full colour A4 Paperback

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Rof W Subscribers Offer ONLY - 1916: Dream & death. Postage FREE

  • Author(s): Joseph Culley, Tommy Graham and Nick Maxwell (editors)
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