• Harvesting the Stars. A Pagan Temple at Lismullin, Co. Meath
Lismullin is located in the Gabhra Valley, beneath the Hill of Tara. It is arguably the best known of the 167 archaeological sites discovered and excavated in advance  of the construction of the M3 Clonee to north of Kells motorway in County Meath. The discovery, excavation and interpretation of an Iron Age post-enclosure at Lismullin is the centrepiece of this book. The site was designated a National Monument after its discovery. The author interprets the post-enclosure as an open-air pagan temple, but why was it built? Who built it? How was it used? Was it a venue for spectacular nocturnal rituals imploring the Gods for a bountiful harvest? These and other questions are explored in this publication of one of the most significant discoveries on the M3.
The presentation offers ready access to the record at whatever level the reader choses to engage. It is an interesting and, I think, highly successful attempt to address the problem of how best to publish complex excavations. It offers an attractive model which will be widely followed and will do much goodness in bringing the work of archaeologists to an increasingly demanding public.
Sir Barry Cunliffe, Emeritus Professor of European Archaeology. University of Oxford
This book brings the results of the excavations into the public realm. It provides source material for future archaeological researchers, adds greatly to our knowledge of past activity and the exploitation of the locale in prehistoric and historic times, and records centuries of interaction between people and the landscape. The book will interest all archaeologists and local historians of  Meath and the contiguous counties as well as providing much new comparative material for archaeologists everywhere.
Aidan O’Connell is a director of Archer Heritage Planning Ltd. He directed excavations of sites along the M3 route, including Lismullin.
Illustrations: 100s maps   colour and b/w photographs, numerous drawings
Format/extent: paperback    c. 206 pages
Author Aidan O’Connell
Publication Data March 2013
Subjects Archaeology, excavation

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Harvesting the Stars. A Pagan Temple at Lismullin, Co. Meath

  • ISBN: 978 0 957438002
  • Author(s): Aidan O’Connell
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