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The Easter Rising was the catalyst for profound political change in Ireland. From being a minority belief in April 1916, by the post-war general election of December 1918 separatist republicanism had come firmly into Ireland's political mainstream, and had done so at the expense of Ireland's traditional nationalist representatives. How did this happen?

It is often assumed that the execution of the 1916 leaders in May 1916 prompted immediate and profound change, in the form of a surge of sympathy towards their cause. That sympathy did come; but the manner in which it happened is far less well known, and arguably not so well understood. This volume, the second in History Ireland's special publications on the revolutionary period, explores the period between the Rising and the 'victory of Sinn Féin' at the 1918 general election.




1: After the Rising

Ireland after the Rising, Fearghal McGarry, Prisoners, Sean Enright, Prisoner's dependents’ funds, Liz Gillis and Frongoch, Joe Connell.


2: A turning tide

1917 by-elections, Marie Coleman, Thomas Ashe’s funeral and reorganization of SF, John Gibney and Origins of Glasnevin’s ‘republican plot’, Conor Dodd


3: Ireland and the War

Socio-economic impact of WWI on Dublin, Padraig Yeates

Ireland and war at sea, Michael Kennedy

Labour and the October Revolution, Emmet O’Connor

Anti-conscription campaign (focus on women), Mary McAuliffe

The German plot that was (1917) and the German plot that wasn’t (1918), Jerome ann de Weil.


4: Ordinary lives

Radicalisation of the GAA, Richard McElligott

Spanish flu, Guy Beiner

Film: a new form of propaganda and entertainment, Denis Condon


5: The victory of Sinn Féin

SF vs. Home Rule, Conor Mulvagh

International/domestic press coverage of 1916-18, Ian Keneally

Home Rule, Home Fronts: the Irish Party in Britain, 1916-18, Darragh Gannon

George Bernard Shaw and the Irish Convention, Peter Gahan

December general election, Brian Hanley


92 pages

c. 100 illustrations


ISBN 978-0-9935328-1-8


Author Edited by John Gibney, Tommy Graham and Georgina Laragy
Publisher History Publications Ltd
Publication Data To be published 1st October 2017 92 pages Full colour A4 Paperback

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Subscribers Offer ONLY : 1916–18: Changed Utterly Ireland after the Rising to REST OF The WORLD

  • ISBN: 9780993532818
  • Author(s): Edited by John Gibney, Tommy Graham and Georgina Laragy
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