Developing Rural Ireland &  Historical Irish Dairy Products

Developing Rural Ireland

A History of the Irish Agricultural Advisory Services

Rural Ireland and its agricultural way of life are emblematic of this country. For most of modern history, however, rural Ireland and Irish agriculture were comparatively underdeveloped. This changed dramatically in the twentieth century, during which they were transformed. In 1900 they were synonymous with poverty; by 2000 they had become synonymous with progress. Many people and organisations contributed to this, but chief among these were the Irish agricultural advisory services. First established in the early 1900s, they are today operated as a public service by Teagasc, Ireland’s Agriculture and Food Development Authority. With their establishment, agricultural instructors, trained to the highest international standards, were despatched to every community in rural Ireland. Their brief was to work with farmers, helping them to improve their farm enterprises and, in so doing, to develop rural Ireland. This gradually bore fruit, as each succeeding generation of agricultural advisors and farmers co-operated to adopt the most modern agricultural approaches. This book tells their story. In addition, by relating it to the wider national and international historical archives of the twentieth century, it makes it fully accessible both to those who know rural Ireland and to those who do not.

Historical Irish Dairy Products

The story of the evolution of Irish dairying is inextricably linked with continuous innovation in technologies. This book presents a chronological perspective of the evolution of dairy products in Ireland. It draws together information spread across a diverse range of historical, archaeological, economic and scientific publications and it aims to provide a platform that may be used in reviewing the current state of knowledge, and identifying notable gaps pertaining to the development of dairy products from prehistory, through the medieval period, and on into recent centuries.
The authors hope that this compilation could facilitate the development of a nationally co-ordinated strategic research programme on indigenous dairy products. A particular strength of the book lies in the clear and accessible manner in which the authors have documented these changing technologies, from the earliest times to the present day.


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