• The archaeology of Killeen Castle, Co. Meath

This volume presents the results of archaeological survey, testing, monitoring and excavation that took place within the demesne of Killeen Castle in connection with the development of the Killeen Castle Golf Resort. While the castle church and wayside cross were indicative of a surviving archaeological landscape, the true extent of this was only to be uncovered as the project progressed.

The scope of the development meant the removal of topsoil over virtually the entire demesne land (c. 600 acres), its shaping and the insertion of drainage as well as the clearing for foundations in close proximity to the known archaeological monuments. The six major sites investigated dated from the Bronze Age to the nineteenth century and encapsulated the development of Killeen, specifically the changes from the early medieval period, the effects of the Anglo-Norman arrival and the subsequent consolidation of the medieval economy.

The developer’s cooperation and understanding of the consequences of such extensive archaeological discoveries resulted in the redesign of the golf-course to allow for the preservation in situ of as many of the sites as possible. Consequently, three of the major sites, two of which contain burials, remain protected. Given surface expression through grass management and highlighted with information plaques, they now form part of a heritage walk.

The aim of this publication is not only to present the results of the archaeological works but to place them in their historical, geographical and cultural context. The intention is to show the significance of Killeen, not only locally but regionally. An integral part of understanding the archaeological evidence uncovered on site is the in-depth analysis that takes place after excavation. After leaving the site in April 2006, several months and the expertise of many specialists were devoted to the conservation of artefacts and the analysis of faunal, botanical and metallurgical evidence, a process that distils every piece of information from the archaeological process. The results of the post-excavation analysis are also presented in detail within this volume.

From the first days on site during a snowy January to the completion of this volume, this has been a fascinating project, whose results have added not only to the archaeological record but also to the cultural heritage of the locality. By uncovering the imprints of its past inhabitants and bringing that evidence to publication, the author hopes to have made the story of Killeen a little more immediate.

Author Christine Baker
Publication Data Published June 2009, hardback, xii + 220 pp, illustrated.
Subjects Archaeology

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The archaeology of Killeen Castle, Co. Meath

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