• A Bitter Winter

The Irish Civil War 1922-23.

In this challenging but fair account of the Irish Civil War, Colum Kenny sets out relevant tragic events of 1922 to 1923 in a clear and succinct way. He highlights in graphic detail the main moments of a war between former friends. Arguing that it is not possible to suspend judgement about a dispute that threatened the democratic foundation of the Irish state, and that gave solace to its enemies, he presents a balanced analysis of what happened during those two turbulent years.

Referring to activists on both sides such as Michael Collins, Harry Boland, Mary McSwiney and Richard Mulcahy, the author explains that the Civil War was bubbling from early 1922. Reflecting on the lasting bitterness engendered by civil war, a bitterness that broke Arthur Griffith’s heart and contributed to his early death in 1922, Kenny relates the Civil War to current tensions surrounding the future of Northern Ireland.


Dr Colum Kenny is a well-known contributor to Ireland’s national media. Professor Emeritus of Dublin City University and a barrister, his books include Moments that Made Us: Ireland since 1973 (2005), The Enigma of Arthur Griffith: ‘Father of Us All’ (2020), Kenmare: History and Survival – Fr John O’Sullivan and the Famine Poor (2021) and Midnight in London (2021).

Author Colum Kenny
Publisher Eastwood Books
Format Paperback
Subjects General Interest, History

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A Bitter Winter

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