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Sport and sporting pastimes have always been an important part of life in Cork. What is remarkable about Cork sports men and women is their success across the entire range of sporting disciplines.

There can be no true criteria for measuring the quality of a Leeside Legend. In the world of partisan sport, one man’s hero is another man’s villain. Leeside Legends brings together a collection of stories of 100 heroes who have broken as many hearts as they have lifted.

Author Bio

John Coughlan has been working with the Cork Echo since 1999 as a sports correspondent. He is the author of three books, The History of Hound Trailing, 100 Years of Draghunting and 100 Cork Sporting Heroes.

Author John Coughlan
Publisher Eastwood Books
Format Paperback
Subjects General Interest, Sports

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Leeside Legends

  • ISBN: 978-1-913934-22-4
  • Author(s): John Coughlan
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  • €20.00

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