• Excavation of a Multi-Period Site at Stalleen, Co. Meath

This book discusses the results of archaeological excavations that took place in Stalleen, Co. Meath, in 2008 under the direction of Mandy Stephens. The site is situated in the Boyne Valley within the ‘buffer zone’ of the Brú na Bóinne UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

The archaeological excavation revealed a significant multi-period site with finds reaching back to the Late Mesolithic hunter-gatherers. The earliest feature is an early medieval oval enclosure which is arguably the earliest ecclesiastical site in Ireland. This phase is followed by a period of unenclosed settlement associated with a post-Viking souterrain and industrial activity. 

From late in the twelfth century and well into the sixteenth, the site was used as a Cistercian grange attached to Mellifont Abbey. The physical expression of this complex includes a substantial stone gate, associated ditches and industrial features. 

Few granges have been archaeologically investigated in Ireland and therefore this represents a significant discovery in both regional and national terms.



Mandy Stephens (1970–2016) graduated from University College Cork in 2000 and directed archaeological excavations in Cork, Dublin and Meath. Her publications include Empty space: Excavations outside TrimUncovering Medieval Trim: Archaeological Excavations in and around Trim, Co. Meath, SubUrbia: evidence for suburban activity in the medieval town of Trim in Potterton and Seaver (eds), and many more. 

Edited by
Geraldine Stout is the leading authority on the archaeology of the Brú na Bóinne World Heritage Site. Her publications include Newgrange and the bend of the BoyneThe Cistercian grange: a medieval farming system in M. Murphy and M. Stout (eds), Agriculture and settlement in Ireland and The Bective Abbey project, Co. Meath: excavations 2009–12 (with Matthew Stout). She is a patron of the Meath Archaeological and Historical Society and a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London.

Matthew Stout lectured in the School of History and Geography, Dublin City University. His books include The Irish ringfortExcavation of an Early Medieval secular cemetery at Knowth Site M, Co. Meath (with Geraldine Stout, and Early medieval Ireland 431–1169.

Author Mandy Stephens, Edited by: Geraldine Stout and Matthew Stout
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Excavation of a Multi-Period Site at Stalleen, Co. Meath

  • ISBN: 9781399933155
  • Author(s): Mandy Stephens, Edited by: Geraldine Stout and Matthew Stout
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