• Gatherings: Past and Present

Gatherings: Past and Present

Proceedings from the 2013 Archaeology of Gatherings International Conference at IT Sligo, Ireland

The Archaeology of Gatherings was a thematic international conference to bring together a range of speakers from different disciplines. It took place at the Institute of Technology, Sligo, Ireland, between 25 and 27 October 2013 during the year of 'The Gathering', an Irish government initiative to engage with the worldwide diaspora. The aim of the conference and of this volume was to take a multidisciplinary approach in order to explore the structures, material culture and psychology behind gatherings of people. This volume thus seeks to contribute to the study of varied types of temporary gatherings both from the contemporary world and from the past. Through time people have gathered together for many reasons, including religious and political assemblies, social interaction and to exchange commodities and ideas. While some of these gatherings occurred in particular buildings or arenas, many were outdoors and temporary, and may have left only limited material evidence of their occurrence. It is therefore hoped that this multidisciplinary approach will provide insight into these sometimes ephemeral events and their remains.

136 pages; Illustrated throughout in colour and black and white, 11 tables, 44 figures (19 in colour).

Fiona Beglane is a Lecturer of Archaeology at the Institute of Technology, Sligo and a consultant zooarchaeologist. Her research interests focus on zooarchaeology, medieval hunting, landscape and settlement and the use of scientific techniques in archaeology. She has a particular interest in integrating scientific and social/cultural interpretations of archaeology and in examining the interaction between humans and animals. 

Ian Armit, Edel Barry, Fiona Beglane, Julie M. Bond, James Bonsall, Chris Carey, Robert M, Chapple, Julia E. M. Cussans, Stephen Davis, Stephen J. Dockrill, Heather Gimson, Patrick Gleeson, Hans K. Hognestad, Jo T. McKenzie, Clark McPhail, Una MacConville, Caitríona Moore, Sam Moore, Louise Nugent, Elizabeth Richley, Stuart Tyson Smith

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Gatherings: Past and Present

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