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Archaeology Ireland is a quarterly magazine which has been in production since 1987. The magazine is aimed at both professional and non-professional readers.

Archaeology Ireland has become, over the years, a widely read and well-respected magazine which is frequently quoted in the national papers both in Ireland and the U.K.




The murdered tomb

         Neil Jackman summarises the aims and excavation results of the Hellfire Club Archaeological Project.


The man in the bulla

         Mary Cahill explores the possible phallic symbolism of the Bog of Allen bulla.


Secrets from the snow

         Steve Davis reveals a new enclosure beside Dowth passage tomb.


New dates for old butter

         Chris Synnott and Maeve Sikora disclose significant new dating evidence for bog butter.


The hill of the fairies

         Dirk Brandherm, Cormac McSparron, Thorsten Kahlert, James Bonsall, Anthony Wilkinson and Tatjana Kytmannow reveal some of the secrets of Knocknashee, Co. Sligo.


Laser-scanning Trim Castle

         Michael ‘Bodhi’ Rogers, Ryan Bouricius, Denis Shine, Stephen Mandal and Scott Stull explore the potential of 3D laser-scanning for digital preservation of archaeological monuments.


Women on a Mission

         John Lucey profiles the women who worked with the Harvard Mission in Ireland during the 1930s.


Under the hawthorn tree

         Paul Duffy reports on a newly discovered summit cairn overlooking the Boyne Valley.


More on the Balgriffin cross-slab

         Conleth Manning responds to Paul Duffy’s recent article.


Know your monuments: Butter-making

         In this contribution to the Know Your Monuments series, Muiris O’Sullivan and Liam Downey trace developments in butter-making in Ireland and outline the types of butter predominantly made through medieval and more modern times.





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Archaeology Ireland Autumn 2018

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