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Archaeology Ireland is a quarterly magazine which has been in production since 1987. The magazine is aimed at both professional and non-professional readers.

Archaeology Ireland has become, over the years, a widely read and well-respected magazine which is frequently quoted in the national papers both in Ireland and the U.K.


When Christy met Sheela

Gary Dempsey and Christy Cunniffe report the discovery of a Sheela-na-gig in County Galway and highlight the importance of field monument advisers.

Pots, phials and potions

Alan R. Hayden describes a unique assemblage from a seventeenth-century Dublin apothecary’s shop.

A monastery among the glens

Matt Seaver, Conor McDermott and Graeme Warren describe ongoing research at the famous monastic complex of Glendalough.

Bouncing beams reveal hidden archaeology

Daniel Curley, John Flynn and Kevin Barton showcase the use of LiDAR in community archaeology projects.

Balgriffin Cross

Paul Duffy examines Fingal’s answer to the ‘Rathdown Slab’.

Finding Carrig

Denis Shine, Stephen Mandal, Chris Hayes and Madeleine Harris describe preliminary results from the ‘Digging the Lost Town of Carrig’ research project in the Irish National Heritage Park.

Dublin’s forgotten fort

Mick Mongey describes investigations at Dungriffin promontory fort, overlooking Dublin Bay.

Know your monuments: Coastal boat-landing features

In this contribution to the Know Your Monuments series, Muiris O’Sullivan and Liam Downey present an overview of the main types of traditional boat-landing features commonplace in coastal areas, and outline the important purposes for which they were employed down the centuries.



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Archaeology Ireland Summer 2018

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